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Re: Tricky Ruben & Groo-Names

grossfam@olywa.net wrote (twice!):

<KACHUNK! You didn't really want all that heading stuff did you...?>

>Hi again Folks!

<Snipety snip>

>OK, let's see, we have:
>Groopers   (The popular favorite, unless you've seen too many Jaques
>Cousteau Specials)
>Groopies  (A favorite of those not scarred in some way by zoned out 
>bobbers or guppies) 
>Groopsters  (This would be good if we formed a basketball team-now 
>a scary thought!)
>Grooids  (It's hard to worship the rocks and trees when you keep 
>over and bumping into them) 
>Grooheads  (I don't want the FBI following me around looking for an 
>Hmmm.  How about Groopazoids?  I guess in the spirit of Chumbawamba, 
>all just go our own anarchistic ways and refer to ourselves however the
>hell we want to!   

And then sell out and go with the popular majority......:P (they did a 
football* song for gawds sake!!!)

How about Groo-vers, or is that too Sixties retro Austin Powers kinda 
thing.....?! ;)


*Football: IF (USA) THEN READ "Soccer";

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