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Re: Famous Comic Book Creator Cards

Superzeus@aol.com wrote:
> Next it says he worked on House of Horrors.  I've
> never heard of this comic before.  Does anyone know anything about it?  Also
> it says he did one-page gags for several ghost series.  Anyone know what these
> are?  Thanks again.

Although I don't yet have info on HoH, here are some mystery/ghost items
from the Sergiography:

* House of Mystery #185, 186, 190, 194 - 196, 199, 200, 202, 229, 251
(1970 - 
	1977, DC)
	Mostly one page gag panels.  Also, Aragones did border art for a one 
	page diploma (issue #?) and illustrated a multipage story "The Poster 
	Plague" (issue #202) which was the inspiration for Plop!.
Witching Hour #8 (April/May 1970, DC)
	Aragones was co-writer for six page Neal Adams story.  Reprinted in 
	Deadman: Reprint Series #4 (Aug 1985, DC)
Limited Collector's Edition #C-23 (Winter 1973, DC)
	House of Mystery spotlighted and reprinted in oversized format.  
	Reprints include: border for contents page of early Plop!, 6 pages of 
	Cain's Game Room, and "The Poster Plague".  New material includes: 
	dart board and race game illustrations, 2 pages on how to draw the 
	HoM, cut-out diorama, and text on SA w/ b&w photo.
Weird Mystery Tales #22-23 (Sep - Oct 1975, DC)
	#22 has one page "Witch's Tails"; in #23 Aragones did plot for 8 page 
	"Fair Exchange" Wally Wood story.
Secrets of the Haunted House #1, 8 (1977, DC)
	#1 has one page "Witch's Tails" by Sergio. 
Best of DC #60, 63 (May 1985, Aug 1985, DC)
	Various reprints including PLOP! and House of Mystery.
House of Secrets #94, 96-98, 101-104, 107-108, 113, 117, 119, 121,
	134, 139-140 (Nov 1971 - Mar 1976, DC)
	"Abel's Fables" one page pieces, Aragones writer/artist.

Good luck,

BTW, the Sergiography can be found at:

But, embarrassingly, I haven't updated it for almost a year.  Soon,
though, soon.