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Re: Tricky Ruben & Groo-Names

The Grossmanns wrote:

> Hey, that Ruben is a sneaky guy, slipping in one of the Groo sketches
> Sergio did for him into the Journal of MADness magazine!  In doing so, he
> took a pefectly harmless sketch, one of ba-zillions Sergio has done for
> folks over the years, and turned it into an Official Original Groo
> Appearance!

	Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!  Just wait until the special limited edition, signed
and numbered version comes out.  The drawing will be printed in gold
leaf, and scented with scratch and dip cheese scent.  Only 2 issues will
be printed, and they'll cost a whopping 500 kopins.  Hand over the
college fund, Dessesbo!

> Also, I thought Ruben's transcription of his interview with Sergio was
> really, really great. Ruben, it was worth your efforts.  I have only spoken
> with Sergio a couple of times, but I thought Ruben really gave the flavor
> of what its like to talk to Sergio by not "editing" (or whatever you want
> to call it) what he said.  Other interviewers whose articles I have read
> have obviously done this, some even admit to it up front, and it's just not
> the same.  Way to go Ruben!  Another triumph for the Dognut King!  (btw,
> GAK! I wonder if there are any Groos in the Sterling Posters and the Corona
> ads?)

	Thank you very much.  I can only take credit for doing the interview
and the full transcription. The layout and final 'behind the scnenes'
edits and graphics were taken care of by the Editors of that fine rag.  

	If I find out about Sterling & Corona, I will let you know!  

Forever a Groopie,
King Dognut.