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Re: MAD Super Special

Superzeus@aol.com wrote:
>      Does anyone know what the first MAD Super Special that contained any of
> Sergio's work was?  Thanks.

Well, as per the Sergiography:

"Reprinted Aragones illustrations have appeared in over 100 MAD Super
(EC Publications) that reprint material from the regular issues of MAD. 

But, early notable contributions include:

	#12 (1974) & #14 (1974), which contain new material by Aragones.

AND, the following Specials (not called Super Special, though):

Aragones contributed all new art to the following Specials

	MAD Follies #2 (1964)
		1965 MAD Calendar with random Aragones illustrations.
	MAD Follies #7 (1969)
		Aragones provided artwork for one of the 12 Nasty Postcards.

Good luck,