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Re: the group formerly known as the Groop

Kevin S Hall wrote:
Why don't we just pick a symbol (maybe that video cassette Groo wears

> [yes, Nate, I know it's actually a netsuke, it's just more fun to refer
> to it as "that blue thing"]), and *that* will be our new name?
> Kevin

Actually Kevin,  the skull on his belt is the netsuke.  The blue thing was
identified by some lover of obscure lore in an old Groo-Grams.  I think
someone posted it on one of the Groo sites.  All I remember was that it was
to carry the swords in the same manner as Musashi Miamoto.  (also known as an
invincible swordsman)
      As far as the Groop nomenclature goes I vote with the Groopers.  I too
have trouble with Groopie.  I am reminded of the mindless screaming teenagers
chasing  rockstars.  Whereas with Grooper I tend to think first of the old
Square Grouper, which always amused me.