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Introduction from a list newbie

Hi fellow groo-vers,

As a newbie to this list I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce
myself to you all.

My name is Geoff and I live in Manchester in the UK (any other Brits on
the list?).  I've been collecting Groo for about 10 years. My first
issue was The Weddings of Groo (Epic #42) - still one of my favorites. I

currently lack two Epic issues (#35 & 38) to make my collection complete

(not counting any rarities or suchlike - I do have a Starslayer #6
though). I wouldn't call myself a Groo nerd - except maybe when I wear
the t-shirt...

I recently discovered Chad Frick's YukYuk.com web site
(http://www.yukyuk.com/) - an excellent collection of interactive
cartoons (requires Shockwave) - and was reminded of the talk in
Groo-Grams a while ago about making a Groo animation. I don't think
we'll ever see our favorite barbarian in his own TV cartoon show, but I
was wondering if Snr Aragones has ever considered making an on-line
animation of Groo? I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to see
this - it would certainly be a good way of introducing our hapless hero
to a new legion of fans!

Well, thanks for taking the time to read my

Yours Grooly,

Happosai AKA Geoff

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