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Re: the group formerly known as the Groop

></color>Hmm, not that I'm breaking Groopie ranks with Gary and Ruben or 
>anything, but I just have to wonder why no-one's suggested 

~~~~ Hmm Dunno if I like that one.... sounds like some sort of 
government system....(Did you hear about Tanzania?  Thay all went 
Groopist after the coup yesterday!")  Frankly I'm getting really sick of 
the debate.  Why don't we agree to disagree and everyone uses whatever 
they want.  We cockerspaniels should just try to get along. ; )

>:] Lia, who, like Nate, also wonders how many sides a Groopazoid 

~~~~ That's funny, I thought Kevin wondered that.  Wait, let me adjust 
the tinfoil and coathanger brainwave scanner on my roof.... yes, it was 
definitely Kev Hall.... oh, and Chris Schechner, you don't really want 
that last piece of pie.  Go put it back in the fridge.

~Nate P.

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