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Re: the group formerly known as the Groop

"bj.trapp" wrote:

> Actually Kevin,  the skull on his belt is the netsuke.  The blue thing was
> identified by some lover of obscure lore in an old Groo-Grams.  I think
> someone posted it on one of the Groo sites.  All I remember was that it was
> to carry the swords in the same manner as Musashi Miamoto.  (also known as an
> invincible swordsman)

Oops...I hang my head in Groop shame. {Crowd cheese dips Kevin at this
point, but he eats his way out of this potentially lethal situation}

Bunny!! (how's that for a segue, and an attempt to divert attention from
my most Grooish stupidity) Long time no hear! I was wondering if you
were still out there breathing.