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1999 Groop Awards - Nominations, please

The incredible team of Lia, Magnus, Nate & Kevin has been working their
respective tushes off in order to bring you this phenomenal,
star-studded, mind-blowing extravaganza! (a little better use of
hyperbole, yes, Nate?)

In any case, here's the scoop: the Awards will be happening in 2 stages
- the nominations, and the vote. The Academy (otherwise known as the
gang of four listed above) will entertain nominations for the 6
categories listed below through March 1. Please send nominations to the
list (we want to get everyone thinking on this). We'll go through all
the nominations and post them to a "voting page". Groop members will be
able to go to the Awards site and vote for the winners in these 6
categories through March 15. We'll then announce the winners at the site
for the official "ceremony" on Apr. 1. We *may* also add a category or
two over the next few days -- we'll keep you posted.

Categories for the 1999 Groop Awards
1999 Rufferto Award for Best Groo Contribution - this is THE coveted
award. "Contribution" refers to promoting Groo and or the Groop or
helping the Groop & Groo fans.

1999 Groo Award for the Best Blunder - you've all read the stories from
time to time that people have sent in. What was the biggest goof up you
remember reading...or if you have a new "Groosome" tale to tell & you
want to nominate it, by all means do so. You *can* nominate yourself for
this award (although, why!?) :)

1999 Sage Award for Most Useful Online Information - this could be in
the form of informative posts to the Groop, useful info in a
webpage/website, info kept in an online database, etc.

1999 Scribe Award for Most Entertaining Typo/Misspell - The Groop is
only human after all! And, of course, when one of us makes a
lexiconical? stumble, everyone is immediately there with attempts at
humor to lighten the situation and/or ridicule the poor Groop member! :)

1999 Minstrel Award for Most Creative Post - this IS an incredibly
creative Groop after all...and there have been some VERY entertaining &
creative posts over the last year. Nominate your favorite!!

1999 Chakaal Award for Most Interesting Fashion Statement - this is sort
of self-explanatory. You might post a pic on a website somewhere, look
at some of the pics of Groo fans that we've seen in fanzines from
conventions, Guess the Grooper pics, etc.

I'll leave Nate to REALLY get you guys going, as these are "just the
facts". I'm signing up for that hyperbole class tomorrow, Nate. I
promise with ever fiber of my being, every iota of my strength, every
last molecule of my entirety, every...

Kevin "who needs to learn to brood so I can draw better!" H.