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Re: 1999 Groop Awards - Nominations, please

Hi guys/grrls!

>1999 Rufferto Award for Best Groo Contribution - this is THE coveted
>award. "Contribution" refers to promoting Groo and or the Groop or
>helping the Groop & Groo fans.

Hmm ...  Wow -- tough choice.  Uh .. I guess I would have to nominate
Nate for posting 500+ emails in 1998.

>1999 Sage Award for Most Useful Online Information - this could be in
>the form of informative posts to the Groop, useful info in a
>webpage/website, info kept in an online database, etc.

Oooh ...  Another tuff choice here.  Well, I guess Gary Groosman gets
the nod.  Who else can track down obscure stuff from Malaysia and
Massachusetts, and write a 1-page essay on each item and post it
to the mailing list?!?

>1999 Scribe Award for Most Entertaining Typo/Misspell - The Groop is
>only human after all! And, of course, when one of us makes a
>lexiconical? stumble, everyone is immediately there with attempts at
>humor to lighten the situation and/or ridicule the poor Groop member! 

Gasp ...  Deja vu -- still another tough choice ...  I guess it's a toss 
between something about "dognuts" (yuck) and "sweat" drawings
(yuck) ...

>1999 Minstrel Award for Most Creative Post - this IS an incredibly
>creative Groop after all...and there have been some VERY entertaining &
>creative posts over the last year. Nominate your favorite!!

Ah ...  Another tough choice.  (What are the odds of that happening?)
But, I guess Bubble takes the prize for her Fan Pic II drawing, which
included a bunch of Groopers .. uh Groopies .. Groupers? .. whatever,
and also the dialog of the Groopers .. (whatever) .. in uncanny detail.
Here's a sample:

   Gary: But that wouldn't be included in the Groo list anyway since ...

   Demon Squirrel: Ooh!  Ooh!  Where do I paint RED.  RED, RED, RED.
   Fires of Hell Red and Kip RED!!!  Red.  RED.  RED.  RED.  RED.  RE 
   Please don't take me away, I'll be good.

   Nate: Oh and be sure to check out THE WHOLE ENCHILADA issue
   #4, FIDDLEHEAD the familiar, and THE WHOLE ENCHILADA
   bookmarks!!!  For details email akfcomics@hotmail.com, visit the
   TWE website at ... PLUG!  PLUG!

   Unirabbit: It hard to sew with small furry hands ...

Wow!!!  What realism!!!  (Ps.  You can check out Bubble's fan pic
and dialog at: http://www.geocities.com/soho/cafe/6707
Plug!  Plug!)

See you.


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