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Re: 1999 Groop Awards - Nominations, please

Kevin Hall wrote:
> -------------------------------------
> 1999 Rufferto Award for Best Groo Contribution - this is THE coveted

	Gary takes the golden cheese dip pot for this one.
	And stroking my own mane here: while I kinda slacked in 1998, I think
the Sergiography was a pretty hefty acheivement back in it's day too... 

> 1999 Groo Award for the Best Blunder - you've all read the stories from

	Wasn't there some posts about someone with custom Groo license plates
that cursed their vehicle?

> 1999 Sage Award for Most Useful Online Information - this could be in

	I think Josh Jones' under-rated listing of all Epic/Image Groo issues
at groo.com should be recognized.
	Mark Evanier for his sooner-than-the-telegraph updates.
	Eric Chun for his www/convention/etc. findings and reports.

> 1999 Scribe Award for Most Entertaining Typo/Misspell - The Groop is

	Something about Dognuts.

> 1999 Minstrel Award for Most Creative Post - this IS an incredibly

	Hey, how about that string of posts on the True Origin of Groo!

> 1999 Chakaal Award for Most Interesting Fashion Statement - this is 

	One of the Guess the Groopie pix.... Dunno' which.  

How about most annoying Newbie?  And most friendly/welcoming Newbie?