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'99 Awards - update

First of all, thanks to the folks who've been sending nominations in. We
now definitely have some VERY worthy candidates for all the categories.
PLEASE continue to send nominations in for folks you think to be
deserving. One point of clarification: Gary was worried about nominating
more than 1 person - my mistake for not making that clearer: you *can*
nominate more than 1 person. I also need the Groop's help on a few of
the nominations:

Ruben wrote:

> > 1999 Groo Award for the Best Blunder - you've all read the stories from
>         Wasn't there some posts about someone with custom Groo license plates
> that cursed their vehicle?

There most definitely was...can anyone remember who this was so I can
put the correct person in?

> > 1999 Minstrel Award for Most Creative Post - this IS an incredibly
>         Hey, how about that string of posts on the True Origin of Groo!

Again, could someone out there who has this give me some names?
Especially the person who got it started, although I'd love to have all
the names. In revamping my system a number of weeks back, I seem to have
lost this string for the SECOND time!! Sheesh!

> How about most annoying Newbie?  And most friendly/welcoming Newbie?

This brings up another point. We are HAPPY (even gleeful or ecstatic to
consider new categories for a couple days - we do have to leave SOME
time for nominations!). Criteria: we'd like to base the award on a Groo
character (& not just a 1 time appearance). So, for most welcoming
newbie, come up with a Groo character that might exemplify this trait.

I also wanted to bring to attention the fact that some of the efforts in
previous projects (like FanPicII) are coming back!! :) Just remember,
notoriety in the Groop can always bring you further fame (or a senate
hearing later when you're president!).