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'99 Groop Awards - update 2

Hey there again. If you think YOU're getting a lot of email from this
silly thing, you should SEE the amount of email flying back & forth
between the 4 of us! Only the best for the Groop!! I will, however, try
to keep the number & length of these as conservative as possible. That
being said, 2 items:
TWO NEW CATEGORIES (more nominations please!!):

1999 Arba & Dakarba Award for Most Interesting Concoction - there's been
some recipes posted (some even for cheese dip). Dig back through those
emails, or nominate your own recipe if you sent one to the Groop!

1999 Wager of the Gods Award for Best Contest/Project - every year
there's bunches of contests (some that we don't even know about 'til
they're over) & bunches of neat accolades (some material, some not).
Nominate your favorite!! [note: the 1999 Groop Awards are *not* eligible
- although if someone is crazy enough to do the 2000 Groop Awards, they
could be considered then!! plug! plug!]
The second item is I forgot a couple items I need more info on for
previous nominations. Eric nominated Sergio's "sweat" drawings for the
typo award. Anyone remember who the perpitrator was on that one? I have
a VERY short memory. So, Eric nominated Sergio's "sweat" drawings for
the typo award. Anyone remember who the eloquent speaker was in that
case? I can't quite remember. Anyway, Eric nominated...

Also, "Dennison Tan" (is that Tenille?) nominated Larry for his numerous
Grooish stories. Can *anyone* help out with reminding what a few of them
were? Especially for the newbies, when it comes to voting, it will be
helpful to know exactly how Grooish some of our folks were to see who
deserves this most dubious accolade. Thanks all.