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A painful Groo-ism

I got a tiger-stripped cat a while back that had been named Tigger, and I
commited a Groo-ism.  Perhaps if I had left it named the way it had been
before, it would be bouncing around on it's tail today.  But I renamed it to
Groo.  Now, when the little guy isn't eating, he's destroying furnature and
getting into "frays" with my arm!  Frequently drawing blood!  He recently
has started attacking my friends when they come over to visit.  He has
ruined a couch, two chairs, a rug, and a dog.  And throughout it all, he has
never been hurt!  He even figured out how to catch HUMMINGBIRDS!  He waits
on a railing near the feeder, then leaps out and catches one-plummeting
several stories afterwords.


P.S. to the groo-crew( can you say plug?):
good work on: (in no particular order) Groo, Life/death of Groo, Garfield,
Magnor, Boogeyman, A Mad look at?, Mad Marginals, Louder than Words, Fanboy,
Plop, Usagi Yojimbo, Space Usagi, Spiderman, and Captain Power!