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Re: My nomination

Sorry, Dan. You can't hold a candle to Blade Harvey, who was (not at all
politely) asked to leave the list. He had the effrontery (sp?) to declare
himself Mayor or something of the groop and then wouldn't back down when we
all told him what he could do with his self-appointed position. My fear is
that he's still out there lurking because I've never seen an unsubscribe
notice. This all happened before you joined. If it's any consolation, you'd
come in second. Your initial annoying attitude has been replaced by great
wit and downright silliness. Just our kind of guy!

>I nominate myself for most annoying newbie.  I was the "Gram-Master" you will
>recall.  Then there was that stretch of time where I sent like 6 emails/day.
>I have two goals in this email, one to make my self more annoying by
>nominating MYSELF for an award (Sheesh!  What a bore!). And, in this way, I've
>made myself eligeble for a coveted "Ruffy" without sounding totally like a
>pompous @$$ (because it's for a 'bad' award).  More nominations to follow.
>I'm review all the groop email I've gotten since I've subscribed.
>- That "Oh, So Deservant" Guy Daniel
>Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?