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Where was I?

hi folks! I was away for the past week (I took my kids to Vermont so they could see snow for the first time in their lives). Anyway I deleted mist of my 128 messages, but kind of scaned them, and I have a few things to say:
1. RE: D&D - Ever since I moved to the South, I have disciovered that apparently I have been DEVIL WORSHIPPING (amen, brother!) for decades! I don't even own a goat (although I'm looking into one - I can't decide what color is best for sacrifices). I really enjoyed the D&D cartoon, and find it no wonder that Mark had a hand in writing it.
2.    RE: The "official name" of the Rufferto Awards. Of course I think Groopie is best.
3.     RE: The grooup formerly known as the Groop: I personally liked Groopazoids the best.
Anyway, if there was something I may have missed that was really, really important, please let me know!
ALso, Nate: I got issue 5 of TWE (plug, plug) and Fiddlehead. I loved them both, but I had to hide Fiddlehead from the kids...you know...
Unirabbit, Bold Slayer of Defenseless Horses