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Beg Beg, Whine Whine...

Hello Groop!

Old Business:

Now we're officially the 'Groopers', right?  I mean, it seemed that that was
what most people voted for...  (FAN those flames, old boy....heh heh)

I just saw a movie called 'Incognito', in which a Rembrandt was forged,  which
was sold in the end for the sum total of $55 million.  That was a forgery
worth the forger's time (1 month).  Granted, it wouldn't take a month to forge
"Cheese Dip?" (the statue's title), but there must be things to better occupy
ANYBODY'S time.  Thus, I remain unconvinced that there are fake Groos floating
around out there.

My official nomination for Strangest Dressed (or whatever that category was):

Didn't Gary admit to being a CLOWN in the NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade?  He did
not describe his garb, true, but just given the circumstances.....

A Last Appeal to Reason:
^(Quasi-Literary Reference, does anyone know it?  Hint: Think War)

As Blade is no longer a Groop member, 

> who was (not at all politely) asked to leave the list

and only Groop members are eligible for 'Ruffies', and I'm next in line for
that award 

>If it's any consolation, you'd come in second

AW!  C'mon guys, PUHLEAZE?  Don't make me send in a poem every day to the
Groop (A' La' You-Know-Who [but I don't 'cause I forgot his name, and am too
lazy to look it up]) in order to get what I want.  I might even have to update
the method, as accommodated by modern technology.  I could write a program to
generate a pointless haiku every 10 seconds (or less) and then have it emailed
to the Groop.... 

New Business:

Whilst* augmenting my nascent TICK collection today, I saw a familiar face
looking up at me from the $.99 box:  Groo!  If this isn't already on the
OUGSL, it should be:

Amazing Heroes Preview Special #4 (Winter '87)

Front cover:  Groo walking around corner of a building, looking at some Cheese
Dip & Crackers on a cart, some other famous(? Looked like a weird gray pig)
comic character about to make the truly unfortunate mistake of bopping him
with a mallet.

Page 51:  Art reproduced from the "Death of Groo", page 21 (Groo Sitting on
Floom Floom's foot, thinking 'Did I err?' [Funny how I wasn't too lazy to look
THAT up; or did you think I knew that off the top of my head?]).  

I almost considered buying it, but I was really afraid (for real!) that, if I
did, I'd have to collect everything on the OUGSL.  I don't want to cross that
line.  That is one SCARY line.  I've seen it before, and Gary was licking it.

Mark (or anyone): when does Fanboy #2 come out, or did it already?  I'd like a
calendar of events on that, actually.

I should ABSOLUTELY win the Rufferto for most parenthesis, both nested and

- That 'Wow, Thatsa Long Emaila' Guy Daniel

*English airlines REALLY like the word 'Whilst'

PS  If anyone does something stupid like to win the 'Most Parenthesis'
Rufferto, like this:  ((([[[{{{<<<>>>}}}]]]))), well, then he's just

PPS  I did NOT write this email with the design to win any parenthetical
award, I just reread it and noticed the ridiculous number of parenthesis in

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?