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Ok, I think I've got an orginal groo sighting


	Excuse me if my typing is a bit shaky, but I think I found an original Groo
sighting.  It comes from a mini comic called Comics Code Illustrated.  The
comic took all the rules of the Comics Code Authority and had different
artists illustrate each rule. The publishers, Andrew Wilson and Matt Feazell,
went to the Chicago Comicon, Motor City Con and Mid Ohio Con to get the
illustrations. It is an extermely funny book, and I sugest everyone getting a

	Anyway, the Groo illustration is on page 24.  There is a young naked Groo
siting on the ground.  The rule it illustrate is: General Standards Part C:
Costume: #1 - Nudity in any form is prohibited, as is indecent or undue

	A scan of it is at <A HREF="http://members.aol.com/groojr230/nakedgroo.jpg";>
Http://members.aol.com/groojr230/nakedgroo.jpg</A>.  It was posted WITHOUT
permission, and is only for the use of the groopers.  If need be, it will be
taken down.

	I got the mini from a friend, but if you need a copy write to the publishers:
Not Available Comics, 3867 Bristow, Detroit, MI 48212 or e-mail
Cynicalman@aol.com. I believe the price would be $1.95.

John T.