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Re: Beg Beg, Whine Whine...

DanielBron@aol.com wrote:

> My official nomination for Strangest Dressed (or whatever that category was):
> Didn't Gary admit to being a CLOWN in the NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade?  He did
> not describe his garb, true, but just given the circumstances.....

Actually, I believe that was Larry, & I've already got him down for
that. Larry's actually in a number of categories. I hope someone can
accept any awards he might win for him at the ceremonies at it seems he
will be cyberabsent.

> As Blade is no longer a Groop member, who was (not at all politely) asked to leave > the list and only Groop members are eligible for 'Ruffies', and I'm next in line  > for that award

Ok, listen up "that parenthetical guy Daniel" (& everyone else). Whilst
"most annoying newbie" might be an award to consider, we need to have it
based on a Groo character (sort of the theme of all the current awards),
so as of this time, it doesn't even exist yet. Daniel, you're aspiring
(hmmm...awfully close to aspirin) to an award that's non-existent. Plus,
I have news for you, whilst you may have been annoying at some point (I
don't remember exactly - I have a VERY short memory), currently you are
at times witty & other times just someone who adds to the already
copious amounts of mail which lands in our computers...making you the
same as the rest of us.

> AW!  C'mon guys, PUHLEAZE?  Don't make me send in a poem every day to the

Now stop your whinin'!! That may get your letter printed occasionally in
the back of some comic, but it won't sway the Academy of Fine
Grooisticness which is riding herd over this whole awards business!

> Front cover:  Groo walking around corner of a building, looking at some Cheese
> Dip & Crackers on a cart, some other famous(? Looked like a weird gray pig)
> comic character about to make the truly unfortunate mistake of bopping him
> with a mallet.

That would probably be Cerebus (who I believe is purported to be an

> I almost considered buying it, but I was really afraid (for real!) that, if I
> did, I'd have to collect everything on the OUGSL.  I don't want to cross that
> line.  That is one SCARY line.  I've seen it before, and Gary was licking it.

Scary? Yes!! Actually, I think the line is painted right at the edge of
a cliff. :) I don't think Gary's hit bottom even yet.

> I should ABSOLUTELY win the Rufferto for most parenthesis, both nested and
> series.

Parenthetically speaking, that award doesn't exist yet either. If anyone
DOES feel an award is particularly worthy to add to the list, please try
to base it on a Groo character & let us know by, let's say, Tuesday, so
folks have some time to nominate other Groop members before next weekend
when the voting starts. It could be just a 1 time award this year, or
something destined to be awarded annually.

> *English airlines REALLY like the word 'Whilst'

I'm writing this whilst eating my breakfast, however, that in no way
should imply that I *am* an English airline.

Kevin "I can't even fly" H.