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Re: ideas for awards

Dennison Tan wrote:

> How about a Ambassador Gru award for funniest nickname/monicker/alias
> for a grooper or groop-subgroup?
> grooper - i.e. unirabbit - Tracy Parrow
> groop-group - i.e. rodents - unirabbit; bunny; demon squirrel; etc.

> Or how about a Niagara Falls award for funniest recurring joke in the
> groop?

These are definitely along the lines of what I was suggesting. Nice
ones, bubble (hey! wait a sec! THAT's a silly nickname too!) Anyway,
fellow academy members take note of these 2 suggestions & let's go
holler at each other, I mean confer, on the academy hotline & make a
decision on these two, ok? That means you Lia, Nate, & Magnus. The test
is over, you can wake up now Magnus!! Nate! Stop drawing logos &
brooding & check out the new categories!! Lia? Has anyone seen Lia?
Argh! WHY do I get myself in these predicaments?!