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Re: Beg Beg, Whine Whine...

>Didn't Gary admit to being a CLOWN in the NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade?  
He did
>not describe his garb, true, but just given the circumstances.....

~~~~~ That was Larry, and he's the Clown CAPTAIN, thank you.

>As Blade is no longer a Groop member, 

~~~~~ We don't know that for certain.  He could be any of us.... maybe 
even you! ; )

>AW!  C'mon guys, PUHLEAZE?  Don't make me send in a poem every day to 
>Groop (A' La' You-Know-Who [but I don't 'cause I forgot his name, and 
am too
>lazy to look it up]) in order to get what I want.  I might even have to 
>the method, as accommodated by modern technology.  I could write a 
program to
>generate a pointless haiku every 10 seconds (or less) and then have it 
>to the Groop.... 

~~~~ OK ,  Dan, don't try to prove my last statement.

>I should ABSOLUTELY win the Rufferto for most parenthesis, both nested 

~~~~ The Groop Awards are based on GROO characters.

~Nate P.

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