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Re: Beg Beg, Whine Whine...

I concede! I nominate Dan as the most obnoxious newcomer. (or whatever the
category is) He's doing his best to justify all the stereotypes we have of
New Yorkers. (Ya gotta love the guy!) I'm honored to nominate him.
Chris (Doesn't fit ANY stereotypes of a Texan) Schechner

>As Blade is no longer a Groop member,
>> who was (not at all politely) asked to leave the list
>and only Groop members are eligible for 'Ruffies', and I'm next in line for
>that award
>>If it's any consolation, you'd come in second
>AW!  C'mon guys, PUHLEAZE?  Don't make me send in a poem every day to the
>Groop (A' La' You-Know-Who [but I don't 'cause I forgot his name, and am too
>lazy to look it up]) in order to get what I want.


Don't take life too serious; it ain't nohow permanent.
                        -Walt Kelly