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Re: 1999 Groop Awards - Nominations, please

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> 1999 Rufferto Award for Best Groo Contribution - this is THE coveted
> award. "Contribution" refers to promoting Groo and or the Groop or
> helping the Groop & Groo fans.

I would like to nominate M.E. for this award for all his work helping
out people and Groopers with the Groo trading cards, and also the Groo
> 1999 Groo Award for the Best Blunder - you've all read the stories
> time to time that people have sent in. What was the biggest goof up
> remember reading...or if you have a new "Groosome" tale to tell & you
> want to nominate it, by all means do so. You *can* nominate yourself
> this award (although, why!?) :)

I think this should be calloed the 'Did I Err?' Award
> 1999 Sage Award for Most Useful Online Information - this could be in
> the form of informative posts to the Groop, useful info in a
> webpage/website, info kept in an online database, etc.

I think Gary 'dessesbo' Grossman Should get this for his relentless
pursuit of Groo in any form that he can find it and then compiling
lists of everything groo.
> 1999 Scribe Award for Most Entertaining Typo/Misspell - The Groop is
> only human after all! And, of course, when one of us makes a
> lexiconical? stumble, everyone is immediately there with attempts at
> humor to lighten the situation and/or ridicule the poor Groop member! 

> 1999 Minstrel Award for Most Creative Post - this IS an incredibly
> creative Groop after all...and there have been some VERY
entertaining &
> creative posts over the last year. Nominate your favorite!!

The origins of Groo postings should take this, whoever started that!
> 1999 Chakaal Award for Most Interesting Fashion Statement - this is
> of self-explanatory. You might post a pic on a website somewhere, look
> at some of the pics of Groo fans that we've seen in fanzines from
> conventions, Guess the Grooper pics, etc.

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