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Re: Questions

René wrote:

> 1)Wizard #78 (Jan 1998, Wizard Press)
>  Features a 3-page Groo story and 1-page promo-blurb.
>     Is this an original story or part of the first Dark Horse
> 4-issues?

	Yep, it is an original story.

> 2)Disney Adventures (Dec 1997, Disney Enterprises)
>  4 page "George of the Jungle" story by SA & ME.
>     I´ve only seen a Disney Adventures #0. Anybody has more
> information on this one? Thanks.

	I dunno' what to say.  I found mine in a grocery store.  It is in the
small, digest version like Archies and such.  You may have a hard time
finding a  back issue of this one....

Good luck,