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Re: '99 Awards - update

Kevin Hall wrote:

> >         Hey, how about that string of posts on the True Origin of Groo! 
> Again, could someone out there who has this give me some names?
> Especially the person who got it started, although I'd love to have all
> the names. In revamping my system a number of weeks back, I seem to have
> lost this string for the SECOND time!! Sheesh!

	I saved some of the history string, and it seems like Larry Stellar
started it by replying to a Conan querry and alleging that:
"Groo the Wanderer first came out in 1901. It was the first comic book
written, and originally was a serious saga set in Iceland. It was
printed on
thinnied leather straplets, individually hand printed by Alabama Monks.

Replies to following included Dieter Opfer, Two Sheds, YN3 Gabriel Owns,
and DESSEBO of course.

> character (& not just a 1 time appearance). So, for most welcoming
> newbie, come up with a Groo character that might exemplify this trait.

	I don't have my collection with me right now, but there must be a name
of a Grooland hotel or bar keep we could use..... Anyone?