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Misspelled names & Nominations

Hi Folks!

Kevin Wrote: 

> >
> >Don't feel bad, Shane. Everybody always forgets the second "N" in
> >Dessesbo...oops, I mean Grossmann also. I think it's a requirement if
> >you're going to be a dyed-in-the-wool Grooper.

I don't know.  Sergio has written it a couple times and not put in the
second "N", so maybe I should take the hint.  Of course, German is not one
of the five languages Sergio speaks.  btw, if it has to do with me and my
second "N", it's dyed in the wool GROOPIE!  Which lead me to.......

Shane Wrote:
> I'm afraid to ask... but what exactly is a dyed-in-the-wool Grooper?

I don't know, but it won't come out even when my wife uses
Heavy-Duty-Active Ensyme-Lemon-Freshened-Bleach-Added-Phosphate-Free
detergent.  (Hmm, sounds like a variant cover.) 

Finally, I see I am the only name so far under the Niagara Falls (Best
Groop Recurring Joke) category.  What recurring joke is that?  Or does that
mean I AM the recurring joke?  

Take Care All,

Gary "Groopie"  GrossmanN
Gary "Groopie"  GrossmanN
Gary "Groopie"  GrossmanN
Gary "Groopie"  GrossmanN
Gary "Groopie"  GrossmanN

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