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Nicknames & Nominations

Me Again!

Re:  My nickname.  Unlike the others, I didn't make mine up.  I think Ruben
did.  So I think the award would go to Ruben if it won, not me.  

Re:  Groo History   All this talk about it made me want to read them all
again.  That's when I realized I'd accidently dumped them all (including my
contributions) Could someone please e-mail me all of them?  Thanks.  

Hey!  maybe we can re-post all the entries that involve specific posts. 
That way, newbies can read what people are talking about.  Obviously, it
would get a bit unwieldy if someone nominates our takeover of the world for
most creative.  But we could at least post some highlights! 

Take care -Gary "Too Many Posts" Grossmann