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sad story

Now that everybody's had a bit of fun with my funky title (Its short for
Yeoman 3rd Class Petty Officer BTW, for whoever asked that), thought I'd
regal you all with a sad Groo story I heard two days ago in Perth,
Australia.  I went into a local comics shop to of course buy back issues of
Groo I missed.  I picked up a couple more and now am close to completing my
Marvel collection (and am one away from completing an Image collection, have
all the Dark Horses now, and no Pacifics >:(
A nice lady also shopping there noticed the Groos in my hand and said "Oh I
love Groo!  Its one of my favorite comics!"  So I asked her to define mulch.
She said "What?"  Ok, no ones perfect so later in the conversation I made a
Niagra Falls reference.  She looked confused.  Same with who Brent Anderson
was.  So I asked her "Don't you read the letter's page?"  She said "Oh no, I
never read letters pages.  They're so boring."  I nearly cried.  This women
had 50+ ishes of Groo and had never read one Groo-Grams!   So I explained to
her the importance of Groo Grams, the inside jokes (then she finally
understood why Sage's dog was named such).  It was a heartbreaking scene.
Another customer, hearing our conversation  came over asking about Groo and
I explained to him that this woman (Jackie) had never read Groo Grams.  He
looked at her and laughed and said she was missing half the book!  I
couldn't of said it better myself.

Gabe, feeling long winded today