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email volume, voting page

Hey, Groop.

Just to reassure those who are getting scared at the mail volume, it
should die down shortly. There was already a surge happening (Groo email
tends to surge & ebb every few weeks...don't know if the Moon is
involved), and I've been soliciting for as many nominations & ideas as
possible. I think the majority have come in (although I still would love
to get more gang!!!). I was tickled to see a useful lurker with info for
Dan on filtering mail!! Once again the Groop helps itself help itself!

A couple people wrote me asking where the voting page is...it "isn't"
yet. Sunday night before I go to bed, I'll send out the address, &
you'll have the next 2 weeks to vote. By the way, a special pat on the
back to Lia, Nate, Magnus (& myself *grin*). I've never seen a
collaboration come together like this. The Groop has been supplying
excellent fodder for the awards, Nate has been doing his usual
incredible job brooding :) & putting out some wonderful graphics (the
awards would not look NEARLY as nice without his help!!), Magnus has
done some great cgi scripting to make the voting come together, and Lia
and I have been HTMLing away (of course, that's when I shut up long
enough to do so!). Adios for now.