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Speaking of names, ("Dr. Clarke", misspelling Grossmann etc.)  I was 
just thinking, I bet the groop mispronounces my last name.  Most people 
say it just like it sounds, "Pie-kos"( like apple "Pie" and "kos" sort 
of rhyming with "toast") 

 When it's really pronounced, "Pee-kos" (Pee as in.. well... urine. (?!)  
and "kos" sort of rhyming with toast.)

I dunno, I always try to make it a point to get peoples' names right and 
thought somebody might like to know this. So when you think of me, think 
of... uh, pee.

~Nate P.~ Oh god, I just gave myself a catchphrase related to bathroom 

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