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Re: 1999 Groop Awards - Nominations, please

> >
> > 1999 Scribe Award for Most Entertaining Typo/Misspell - The Groop is
> > only human after all! And, of course, when one of us makes a
> > lexiconical? stumble, everyone is immediately there with attempts at
> > humor to lighten the situation and/or ridicule the poor Groop member!

I nominate:

The person who posted the original "dognut" post, of course

And for a culinary side-track (I saw that someone asked) ...Fried
Squirrel is incredibly preferable to stewed Squirrel with lima beans
(*yech*). Just draw and quarter your Squirrel, dip him in a mixture of
flour, flavored bread crumbs, and corn meal, and fry. Yum, yum.


Unirabbit, Slayer of Defenseless Horses, and only Honorary Rodent
to the Squirrel from Hell) not a real one

By the way since I'm not a real rodent, I guess I'm not a cannibal,
maybe just an 'honorary' cannibal