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I've always been curious... how many groupers actively buy "Groo" related
things from ebay?

I ask so that I can pay attention to people I'm bidding against. I've been
buying a lot of small things here and there, for give aways, once I get my
site going again.... but I don't want to really outbid a grooper who wants
an item... I actually felt bad when I snagged the entire DNAgents
collection from someone at the last second. Being that I am on the internet
9 hours a day because of work... I can wait till the last few seconds and
then place my bid....

on ebay, I go by: kelan@earthlink.net

Shane Clarke
Dr. Clarke - a.k.a. SAC
"Can you back your smack?"
If so check it out?
Next Party - February 20, 1999