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Re: Hmmm.....

well okay, enough with the questions already !!!
naw, it´s just this silly code thing that the players of a certain card game
use to identify the other players play styles.
My code basically says that I play the Crane clan, but wnat to destroy the
clan in a storyline tournament... and that I will change to the ninja clan.
I am also high competition whe´n I play, and have placed high in tournaments
. I have a higher than normal grasp of the rules of the game, and can answer
any rules quetions, as well judge tournamnets.
I will also trade any cards fromt he game, as most people will only trade
cards that they don´t play with.... I will trade anything. It´s just silly,
but, I use in the other lists I am on.  It shows the mental deterioration
that I have suffered at the  hands of the army, groo, and the groop!
(I taste just like chicken!!!)
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Datum: Dienstag, 23. Februar 1999 08:11
Betreff: RE: Hmmm.....

> The Dark Squirrel wrote:
> L5R CN--/NJ+++ S++ G+++ C+++ E+++ IC-- (silly ain´t it?)
OK, so what the heck does it mean?  Like the geek code?  I have a
transformers fan code sorta like this (I should dig it up one day).  Perhaps
someone should come up with a Groo Code?  (I'm offering, but I'll need help,
unless of course someone already has come up with one, then never mind)

buh bye