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Re: EBay... + more

In a message dated 2/23/1999 12:56:23 PM Eastern Standard Time,
sac@foolarchy.com writes:

<< At 10:52 AM 2/23/99 -0800, Ruben wrote:
 >I bid a lot under the name did.i.err -- but I always get beat out by
 >those pesky last minute bidders! :-}}
 But that is what an auction is all about.. The intense, last few minutes of
 bidding. That's the part I enjoy!
	Personally, I love when last minute bidders join the fray.  At times they bid
up items well past what I expected to get for them.  By the way, I sell stuff
over e-Bay.  My ID is Groo. (Wow, now that's cool!)  For some strange reason
every time I bid on boating stuff it breaks and has to be taken off market.

	Anyway, I'm also glad this topic came up.  I have 2 extra game Groo: The Game
games and 6 expansion sets that I wanted to offer to the Groop before I put
them on E-Bay.  The games cost me $8.75 so I am offer them at $9.00 plus s&h
($3.20 priority mail)  and $5.00 for the expansion decks. Of course, s&h will
be per order not item.  Let me know by say Sunday if you interested. First
come first serve. Checks are fine, MO's are better. Cash is a no-no through
the mail.  Foreign orders, I will make special arrangements. 

	I don't want to seem like a huckster, but I also have some extra books (lots
actually, I buy them when I see them for cheap money) So, I will be puting up
notification when I get to them.  The Groo will always have 1st crack anything
I have related to it.


Check out my items on e-Bay, I put up lots of differnt stuff.  Right now, I
have a yo-yo hockey puck, an UFO newsletter, a Wonder Woman Mego, some other
dolls, and a football book.