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'Taint fair!  'Taint fairs I tells ya!  I weren't on the nominations list
'tall.  We here's a category I can be nominated for:

The Arcadio Award for Being Most Self-Involved Grooper* 
(I mean, after all, this is what, the fifth email I've sent nominating myself
for a Rufferto, right?)
I nominate: Me

Me:  I second

Myself:  I officially vote for me.

Other Categories (for which I will not nominate myself):

The Isagul (sp?) Award for Scariest Lurker

I nominate:

That weird guy in the corner.  He's been staring at me like a suckling pig for
½ an hour.

- That Guy "Who doesn't know why, but really wants to win" Daniel

*Official Groo-Band Spelling

PS: Please guys?  I don't care what I win!  Make something up!

PPS:  If I don't win then I would like to see at least one newbie/non Famous
Groper win some award.  ie.:  Not Ruben, Kevin, Chris, Gary, Nate, Eric,
Larry, Unirabbit,  or Mark.  I urge you to take Isagul Category seriously.

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?