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I promise this is the last one for today!

I also nominate myself for:

The Gru award for Best Nickname:
How about it?  "That Guy", is pretty snazzy, pretty creative, huh?  Plus, how
incredibly appropriate would it be for the Groop to award the most creative
name award to someone named "That Guy Daniel"?

The Scribe Award for Most Amusing Misspell:

For that whole "Famous Groper" thing.  Ok, Ok, we all know it shouldn't win,
but it can't hurt to get my name up there another time.

Actually, I'm kinda having fun just thinking up justifications for nominating
myself (that is not to say that I don't want to win).

- That "Ok, I'm Sorry Already"  Guy Daniel

P.S.  Gary: am I dessebo yet?  I can't tell.......

PPS  This is kind of like that #106 - #109 miniseries of Groo, only instead of
five people running for one office, I'm one guyrunning for five
offices..hmm..there may be a nomination in there somewhere (MWA HA HA HA

PPPS Some of you may have noticed the apparent between my call for seriousness
regaring the Isagul Award, and my nomination of he "Suckling Pig Looker",
well, I may be stupid, but I'm not going to dig my own grave! 

PPPPS Is there supposed to be more post script than script?

PPPPPS  I ALSO noticed that a whole bunch of people nominated me for "Most
Annoying Newbie" AFTER we were told there was no such award. I can't think of
a funny punchline to that set-up.

Hey!  Did you know that I should win a Rufferto?