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rodents, rabbits and Niagara Falls

Hi all,
       I have been catching up on the mountain of posts.  I
added a second hard drive to my system and have been locking
up the computer ever since.  I read about two or three mails
and then it freezes when I select the next message.
       As Unirabbit and I both know, rabbits and bunnys are
not rodents but lagamorphs.  Who said this list isn't
     For Fozzie Bear and anyone else who missed it;  Niagara
Falls was a burlesque sketch that depended on a key phrase.
Abbot and Costello did it in movies using both "Niagara
Falls" and "Pokomoko" as the trigger.  Mark revived it for a
few weeks in Groo-Grams, apparently because he found himself
with several bits of fan mail from Niagara Falls.
     For service to the cause of Groodom, I would like to
nominate Tony Dodds for locating  the "Missing Crate",
which allowed many of us to at last get a set of the Groo
Miniatures.  I guess that would fit best under the Rufferto
Bunny    (nanabozho on eBay)