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Re: Your Question To Me, etc.

The Grossmanns wrote:

> Ouch!  Sorry, couldn't resist.  Actually, I'm all for the Arcadio Self
> Abosorbed Award.  But only on the condition that the winner do exactly what
> Arcadio did:  Get turned into a frog and not be heard from again.
> Take care all -Gary G.

I nominate Gary Groossmann (Grossmann) for all catagories except where newbies
Anybody who made phone calls from USA to Malaysia for Malaysian Groo reprints
deserves to be nominated for all catagories except where newbies are concerned.

One more thing, Mark Evanier should be banned from being nominated because he
should be one of the judges deciding the award winner.

Malaysian Grooper (Groo Trooper).