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Groo Code

Okay, I was goofing around with this, and have based it upon my game code...
so, here is the first draft of the groo code.....
It would read something like this:

Break down:
G= Groo
C= Collection
S= Story
GG= Groo Grams
GGP= Letters Printed in Groo Grams
GPM= Groop Member(Official... aknowledged)
GF= Gary Factor
WDR= World Domination Rank.

+= I Like Groo alot
++= I LOVE Groo
+++= GROO IS!!!
++++= I am Gary Grooo..uh nevermind

+ = I collect groo comics
++= I collect comics from malaysia
+++= I collect and have original art
++++= I am Gary Grooo...uh nevermind

+= I know about Groo
++= I am a Mendicant
+++= Who do you think pays Mark??
++++= I am gary groo....uh nevermind

+= I have read Groo grams once or twice
++= I know thw definition of Mulch
+++= I started the running jokes
++++= I am ... Uh nevermind

+= I wish
++= mark hates me
+++= I made it! I am cool!
++++= I... uh nevermind

Only officially recognized people from the list

+ = I have some of it
++= I know the seriography by heart
+++= M.E. envies me
++++= Hey I AM GARY GROOOoo..uh nevermind

+= soldier
++= secret agent
+++= general
++++= own my own continent

Well that´s it. Flame if you will or work on it, but, hey.......we have a
code now...

The Dark Squirrel
L5R CN--/NJ+++ S++ G+++ C+++ E+++ IC-- (silly ain´t it?)