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Re: rodents, rabbits and Niagara Falls

"bj.trapp" wrote:
> added a second hard drive to my system and have been locking
> up the computer ever since.  I read about two or three mails
> and then it freezes when I select the next message.

I think I figured out your problem, bunny. You forgot to take into
account the exchange rate for your new hard drive. You probably put in
an American drive, and the Canadian bus on your motherboard just can't
keep up. I think the rate is $500 (monopoly) to $5 (American), so if you
put a 100:1 filter on your motherboard, you should be ok.

Kevin "never passing up a chance to rib our good neighbors to the North"

PS Bunny, don't take me TOO seriously. First, everyone knows not to
anyway. And second, I'm a quarter Canadian. My grandma was born in
Medicine Hat, AB. See you later, eh? ;)