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New Business:

TODAY'S THE DAY!!!  G&R #3 comes out today people!  Get down to your comic
shop to ensure your copy is as fresh as possible.  Well, the paper anyway,
'cause the jokes are already a little stale ;P

Mark:  When the heck does Fanboy #2 (#3,#4, etc.) come out?

People-in-Glass-Houses Business:

Gabe: I think the Nameless-Old-Man-In-Cave Award applies to anybody on this


<Early Fri. Evening>

Grooper:  ..and bathing just gets in the way.

Date:  So, um, do you have any hobbies?  

Grooper:  Yeah well, I kinda collect this comic...

Date (Smiling Less):  Yeah, which one?

Grooper (Warily):  You don't reallly want to know..

Date (Interest piqued):  Sure I do.

Grooper (way too excited for his age):  Well ALL RIGHT! You see there's this
guy and his name's Groo and he's a barbarian and he's dumb but nice but likes
to kill people and he has a dog but didn't always have a dog because he didn't
used to have a dog and the dog's name's Ruffeto which is a play on words you
see "ruff" and all and he has a lot of friends who actually hate him........

Grooper (completely oblivious):  .....and I've got some Turkish and Malaysian
Groos, too, which were really hard to find and expensive but I did and now
I've got them and they're really just Groos I've read before and they're just
smudgy reprints in a language I can't read which is OK because I've already
read them and.....

Grooper (not stopping, EVER): ....and I'm also on this mailing list of other
people who like Groo too which is why they're on the list (like me) and we
just send emails back and forth about Groo and some not about Groo and then
there's the Groo awards of which That Guy Daniel is most deserving and who I'm
going to vote for 12 times.....

Date (eyes slam open):  Zzzz.snort...snerk   ....What do you mean?!  There are
others like you?!  THERE IS NO GOD!!!  <runs out of restaurant>

Grooper (Laughing): Sure there was!  Don't you remember MegaTheos who appeared
mostly in issues 96 - 99 but was also mentioned in other issues l (like the
time Groo got money & accidentally donated it to a monastery: issue 32) , but
then there were the other gods too, and they......

Thus will any grooper be home no later than 8:00 pm, Friday night.

-That *Dateless* Guy Daniel

PS:  You all know, don't you that now that I've been nominated for all I can
be nominated for, I'm going to start electioneering, right?  Well if you ever
get annoyed with me (Heaven Forfend!), think of it as an annoying solicitation
of votes, think of it as boyish enthusiasm.

Hey!  Did you know that I should win a Rufferto?