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Now I'm All Worked Up

Old Business:

I'm sorry about the multemails but Now I'm All Worked Up (for further details
see subject line).

New Business:

I know that category naming is over, but I have two more (perhaps an exception
could be made?):

The Baby Rufferto (Just like the Adult Rufferto, but for Newbies)

I Nominate:  Rat, 'cause he was a newbie, and he sold me the entirety of my
Groo Card collection.  Rat, are you still out there?

The Baby Arfetto Award for Most Annoying Newbie


The Lil' Groo Award for Most Annoying Newbie

I Nominate: You-Know-Who.

There, those make sense, right?  And they ensure at least two newbies win

- That Guy Daniel

PS Pretend I emailed this before midnight.

Hey!  Did you know that I should win a Rufferto?