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OK, just to cllear this up. (paying attention Dan?)

The 1999 Groop Awards are not, "Best Old Timer" awards.  We are not 
excluding newbies at all.  BUT The awards by their very nature are based 
on the good deeds and actions of Groop members.  So if you are a newbie 
who did something really beneficial for all of us, you're in.  If you're 
a newbie campaigning to get nominated every day just for the sake of 
being nominated... it ain't gonna happen.  We are honoring those who've 
helped our Groop.

~Nate P.~ And believe me, we're busting our @$$es to get this up and 
running in time, and like Kev said before, I've never seen such an 
efficient and amazing collaboration of 4 people in different corners of 
the world working every day on one site -- and not arguing, or stepping 
on eachothers toes!!!

Nate Piekos              natepiekos@hotmail.com

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