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This is funny! All I could think was, "It's a good thing Gary Grossmann is
married!" (Woe to those of us who aren't!)

Chris (usually home eating Ramen noodles on Friday) Schechner

><Early Fri. Evening>
>Grooper:  ..and bathing just gets in the way.
>Date:  So, um, do you have any hobbies?
>Grooper:  Yeah well, I kinda collect this comic...
>Date (Smiling Less):  Yeah, which one?
>Grooper (Warily):  You don't reallly want to know..
>Date (Interest piqued):  Sure I do.
>Grooper (way too excited for his age):  Well ALL RIGHT! You see there's this
>guy and his name's Groo and he's a barbarian and he's dumb but nice but likes
>to kill people and he has a dog but didn't always have a dog because he didn't
>used to have a dog and the dog's name's Ruffeto which is a play on words you
>see "ruff" and all and he has a lot of friends who actually hate him........
>Grooper (completely oblivious):  .....and I've got some Turkish and Malaysian
>Groos, too, which were really hard to find and expensive but I did and now
>I've got them and they're really just Groos I've read before and they're just
>smudgy reprints in a language I can't read which is OK because I've already
>read them and.....
>Grooper (not stopping, EVER): ....and I'm also on this mailing list of other
>people who like Groo too which is why they're on the list (like me) and we
>just send emails back and forth about Groo and some not about Groo and then
>there's the Groo awards of which That Guy Daniel is most deserving and who I'm
>going to vote for 12 times.....
>Date (eyes slam open):  Zzzz.snort...snerk   ....What do you mean?!  There are
>others like you?!  THERE IS NO GOD!!!  <runs out of restaurant>
>Grooper (Laughing): Sure there was!  Don't you remember MegaTheos who appeared
>mostly in issues 96 - 99 but was also mentioned in other issues l (like the
>time Groo got money & accidentally donated it to a monastery: issue 32) , but
>then there were the other gods too, and they......
>Thus will any grooper be home no later than 8:00 pm, Friday night.


Don't take life too serious; it ain't nohow permanent.
                        -Walt Kelly