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Re: Malaysian Groo Code

Mein Name wrote:

> Okay, I was goofing around with this, and have based it upon my game code...
> so, here is the first draft of the groo code.....
> It would read something like this:
> G+++/C+++/S++/GG++++/GGP+/GPM/GF++/WDR++++
> Break down:
> G= Groo
> C= Collection
> S= Story
> GG= Groo Grams
> GGP= Letters Printed in Groo Grams
> GPM= Groop Member(Official... aknowledged)
> GF= Gary Factor
> WDR= World Domination Rank.
> C
> + = I collect groo comics
> ++= I collect comics from malaysia
> +++= I collect and have original art
> ++++= I am Gary Grooo...uh nevermind

+ = I'm from Malaysia
++= I supplied Gary Groossmann with Groo reprints from Malaysia
+++=I nominated Gary for all catagory (of course he's not a newbie now)
++++=I've to buy the whole 1995 - 1998 sunday newspapers for Gary.
(ps although they can only  sell me the 1998 sunday newspapers)

Malaysian Grooper the groo trooper.