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Re: ME as judge, Gary for all awards

Kevin Hall wrote:

> I think a LOT of folks have nominated ol' Gary "dessesbo" Grossmann for
> everything...and he was a "newbie" once. Actually, that may not be
> true...Gary may be the only one who was born with an old-timer's
> obsessed status! :)

he's no longer a newbie, he's a senior now.

> As for Mark, there's 2 problems there: 1) we're having everyone vote on
> these awards (i expect to see our Malaysian contingent at the polls!!!)
> 2) I don't even know if Mark would be interested. He's a pretty busy
> guy, and he may already be having kaniption (sp?) fits about the flood
> of mail this last week!! :)

  1.  When is the closing date for nomination so that we can begin our voting.  We
cannot vote now because those who are being nominated late will be missed.  I think
we should set a date where the nomination will be closed.

2.  I still mark's is a bit different,  he's a bit of an honorary member.  There can
be some people to be the judges and Mark can be assigned to judge a catagory or
somebody can help him. If he's able to read all the messages last and this week, I
think he can be a judge for a catagory.

But this is only my suggestion

btw how many peple in groop mailing list are from Malaysia?

Azamin "Cantona"
Grooper the groo trooper from Malaysia