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Groo Pads

>Wasn't there Groo pads or Groo mouse pads (or whatever)
>a little while ago (or whenever) created by someone (whoever
>it was)??  (I didn't order one 'cause at the time I had a glide
>pad on my computer at home and an optical mouse on my
>computer at work.  Yeah yeah -- that's it.  That's why I didn't
>order one.  Well, that's my story, and I'm sticking by it ...)
>Anyway, I nominate whatever it was created by whoever it

~~~~ That was Ruben and I. They are designed and are being proofed... we 
haven't forgotten.  Ruben is on the job as we speak.  For those newbies 
who haven't seen the groopads go to:


~Nate P.

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