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Hi Folks!

Chris Wrote re. TGD's pathetic dating conversation:
> This is funny! All I could think was, "It's a good thing Gary Grossmann
> married!" 

Hey!  Now wait just a darn minute!  I bathe everyday!  Well, almost. 
[scratch, scratch].  And before I was married (let's see, what decade was
that?), I could carry on a decent dinner conversation with a girl.  Really.
Honest.   Hmmm.  Well...actually, I really didn't date....um,.. well..
Becky DID just sort of fall into may lap, so to speak.....Ok, OK, so it IS
a good thing I'm married!!!!   (Now, how can I get out of this with a
little class and at least a shred of my dignity intact.  Ah!  I know!)  So
Plplplplplplplplplplplplpl to all of you and a "Nyah" to boot!   

Stylishly Yours,     Gary G.