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Dan's "hypothetical" Conversation, con't

TG Dan Wrote:

> >
> >Grooper (completely oblivious):  .....and I've got some Turkish and
> >Groos, too, which were really hard to find and expensive but I did and
> >I've got them and they're really just Groos I've read before and they're
> >smudgy reprints in a language I can't read which is OK because I've

Ouch!  But you see, I don't tell people I collect "comic books" anymore. 
Too many wierd looks.  (As if golf isn't a strange pastime)  No, I tell
them I collect "comic art".   And I tell them I have "contacts" and fellow
"comic art collectors" all over the world, including Brazil, Malaysia, and
Turkey.  And instead of giving me that "It's a comic book collector.What a
Wierdo!"  look.  They give that "Ooooo  Ahhhh Ohhhh.  How exotic!" look.  
It's amazing how effective silly semantic devices can be! 

Take care all!  -Gary G.  (International Comic Art Collector of