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Re: Question for ME.

On Wed, 24 Feb 1999 21:25:35 -0800, Ruben <ruben@infoserve.net> wrote:

>Does the name "Hampton's Hollywood Cafe" refer to John Hampton's
>Breakfast program from the late 60s in New York?  For those obviously
>not in the know, John Hampton was a pacifist Black Panther who ran a
>free breakfast program for kids in the late 60s.  He was assasinated in
>his sleep.

ME: No.

Hamptons Restaurant was opened by Paul Newman (the actor) and a
screenwriter friend of his named Ron Buck.  They named it Hamptons
because they both had homes in the Hamptons (the wealthy area in New
York) and they wanted the restaurant to represent that kind of leisure
and place to get away from stress.  Newman put up the money and Buck
managed it...but after a few years, after he got his investment back,
Newman gave total ownership of the place to Buck as a gift.

When Buck passed away, his widow sold the restaurant to a group of my
friends and I went in on its purchase.  And that's the story.
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